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A Chance Meeting
Faith Winter & David
 David Winter was born on 18th December 1958 at Catterick in Yorkshire. His father was in the army which meant that his childhood was spent in a number of different locations including; Yorkshire, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey. There were also extended periods spent abroad in Singapore and Malaysia. Both David and his sister Alice inherited their artistic talent from their mother, Faith Winter, a sculptor of international reputation whose work includes the Falklands War Memorial in Port Stanley and a statue of Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, who was Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force's Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, which is in the Strand, London.

 On leaving school it was a natural progression for him to assist in his mother's studio, and it was here that he learned the techniques and skills of his craft. He was intending to enrol in art college but this slowly receded into the background as he worked for his mother. It was during the summer of 1979, while he was creating pottery ceramic tiles that he then sold from a stall in Guildford market, that he had a chance meeting with John Hine.

John Hine & David Winter
 John Hine had recently sold his interest in a garden centre so that he could develop an idea he had for selling three-dimensional heraldic plaques. As a number of garden sculptures created by Faith Winter had been on display at the garden centre John immediately thought of her as the ideal person to sculpt them. However, when John put his proposal to her she was too busy to accept. But she passed the idea onto David who made a test plaque using a silicon rubber mould and then casting it in a hard and durable gypsum plaster given the trade name "Crystacal" by its manufacturer, British Gypsum. John was delighted with what he saw and so their working partnership had begun.

 As they needed a painter for this project an advertisement was placed in a local newspaper. It was answered by Audrey White, who was given a sample plaque to demonstrate her talent. When John saw her work he knew that he had his painter.

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What are David Winter Cottages? Humble Beginnings
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