The Main Collection
  Coaching Inn19801983
  Dove Cottage19801983
   During its production run the woman sitting on the left hand side slowly deteriorated. On some pieces she is headless and on later models she was turned into a bush. 
  Forge (The)19801983
  Little Forge-1983
  Little Market 19831993
  Little Mill (Version 1)-1980
   Soon after its release this piece was replaced by an entirely different version with the same name. Early releases were named "The Little Mill". 
  Little Mill (Version 2)19801983
  Market Street19831996
  Mill House (Version 1)-1980
   David's first ever cottage. Soon after its release this piece was replaced by an entirely different version with the same name. 
  Mill House (Version 2)-1983
  Quayside -1985
   Very early pieces were painted with much softer colours than the later versions which have a bolder style. 
  Rose Cottage19831996
   This piece had one of the longest production run of all the cottages. Being a very typical "chocolate box" cottage it is a very simple but attractive cottage making it one of the most popular of David's work. 
  Three Ducks Inn-1983
  Wine Merchant19831993
  Castle Keep19811982
   Very early pieces were named "Guildford Castle" and then "The Castle Keep" 
  Chichester Cross-1981
   Cast in resin with 3 colour variations - white, grey and buff. 
  Cornish Cottage -1986
   Very early pieces had "Created in Cornwall by David Winter" on the Base Label and were slightly larger. Various colour variations exist. Most common have light grey walls and a black roof. Some though have much darker walls. 
  Double Oast-1982
  Old Curiosity Shop (The)-1983
  Provencal One19811981
  Provencal Two-1981
   Plaque at the back states ' DESSIN No 2' 
  Single Oast19851993
  Single Oast (Grey Roof Version)-1993
   Mould 1 Single Oast with grey roofs instead of the normal tan. 
  St Paul's Cathedral-1982
   Produced to commemorate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Some pieces were painted with softer colours. Others have a bolder style. A special wrap round sleeve was produced. 
  Stratford House19811996
   Some pieces were sold created using terracotta. 
  Triple Oast19851994
   Very early pieces have grey roofs. 
  Triple Oast (Grey Roof Version)-1994
   More commonly has tan roofs. 
  Tudor Manor House19851992
  Tythe Barn19831986
  Village (The)19861996
   Includes a Booklet 
  Blacksmith's (Tan Roof Version) (The)-1986
   More commonly has a grey roof. This cottage is also called "Blacksmith's Cottage" 
  Blacksmith's (The)-1986
   Various colour variations exist. Most common have grey walls and a black roof. Some though have black walls and others have tan roofs. This cottage is also called "Blacksmith's Cottage" 
  Brookside Hamlet -1991
   Early pieces do not have a date stamp. Later pieces have an incorrect date stamp of 1983. 
  Cotswold Cottage19831996
  Cotswold Village19821990
  Dower House (The)-1993
  Drovers Cottage-1996
   Some early versions were named "Drover's". 
  Fairytale Castle 19861989
  House On Top (The)-1988
  Ivy Cottage19831992
  Miners Cottage-1987
  Moorland Cottage-1987
   Some early versions were named "Moorlands Cottage" or just "Moorland" 
  Old Distillery (The)19861993
   Includes a Booklet. Some pieces may just be called "The Distillery". This piece became part of the Scotish Collection in 1989. 
  Sabrina's Cottage-1982
   Some pieces have different coloured windows. 
  Sussex Cottage-1996
  Village Shop (The)-1996
   Some pieces have an incorrect date stamp of 1983. Early examples are just called "Village Shop" 
  William Shakespeare's Birthplace-1984
   Large Version. Some were called just "Shakespeare's Birthplace" 
  Alms Houses19841987
   Early examples have been seen called "The Alms Houses" 
  Bothy (The)-1996
  Cornish Tin Mine-1989
  Cotton Mill (Grey Roof Version)-1989
   Mould 1 Cotton Mill with grey roofs instead of the normal tan. 
  Cotton Mill (The)19841989
  Fisherman's Wharf-1996
   Early versions of this cottage were called "Fishermen's Wharf". 
  Green Dragon Pub-1996
   After a year of production the name of this piece was changed from "The Green Dragon Inn". 
   Some early versions of this cottage are called "Hay Barn". 
  Hertford Court19831992
  Pilgrims Rest-1993
  Woodcutters Cottage19851988
   Early versions were named "The Woodcutters Cottage" 
  Castle Gate-1992
   Very early pieces were named "The Castle" then "The Castle Gate". 
  Chapel (The)-1992
  House of the Master Mason-1988
  Parsonage (The)19861996
   Includes a Booklet 
  Snow Cottage-1992
   Very early pieces were named "Christmas Cottage". 
  Spinners Cottage-1991
   Some early versions were named "The Spinners Cottage". 
  Tollkeepers Cottage19841992
  Coopers Cottage-1993
   Early pieces were named just "Coopers" 
  Hermits Humblehome19851988
   Early pieces were named "Humble Home" or "Hermits Humble Home" 
  Kent Cottage-1996
  Squires Hall-1990
  Suffolk House-1989
   Colours vary from pale pink, white and darker pink. 
  Crofters Cottage-1989
   This cottage was used in 1989 to become part of the Scottish Collection where ropes and stones where added to the roof and it was renamed to "Scotish Crofters". However, during the transition period some base labels were put on the wrong versions. 
  Falstaff's Manor-1990
   Some base labels incorrectly spells this piece as "Fallstaff's Manor" or "Falstaff Manor". Releases in America and Canada were numbered as a limited edition of 10,000. However, this was not a worldwide restriction. 
  There Was A Crooked House-1996
   Some pieces have a green conical roof instead of the usual grey. 
  Benbow's Farmhouse Hertfordshire-1993
   During its first year of production this piece was sold at Raffles of Windsor with a customised backstamp. 
  Grange (The)-1989
  Castle in the Air19911996
   At first this piece was supplied with 2 metal canons. This was then increased to 3 
  Inglenook Cottage-1996
  Moonlight Haven-1996
  Weaver's Lodgings (The)-1996
  Audrey's Tea Room-1992
   A shop display version of this piece was also released with the name "Audrey's Tea Shop". 
  Audrey's Tea Shop-1992
   Early shop display version. It was renamed "Audrey's Tea Room" when released. 
  Plum Cottage-1993
  Guardian Castle-1994
  Guardian Castle (Premier Version)-1994
  Welcome Home Cottage-1995
   Limited Time Piece 
  Welcome Home Cottage (Military Version)-1995
   Limited Time Piece 
  Golf Clubhouse (The)-1996
  Guinevere's Castle-1996
  Guinevere's Castle (Premier Version)-1996
  Haunted House-1996
  Lover's Tryst-1996
  There Was A Narrow House-1996
  Wreckers Cottages-1996
  Wreckers Cottages (Premier Version)-1996
  Hereward the Wake's Castle-1997
  Milestone Cottage -1999
  St George and the Dragon-2001
   This piece originally named "St George's Castle" and was part of The Castle Collection. This piece was reinstated with a recoloured dragon (green) when the collection was relaunched in 1997. 
  Tom's Yard-1998
  Gallows Gate-1999
   Available at trade shows during Summer 1999 only 
  Watt's Cottage-2000
  Wellstead Cottage-1999
   Available at trade shows during Jan & Feb 99 only 
  David's Gate-2000
   British Collectables USA Exclusive 
   Limited Time Piece 
  Treasures of Egypt-2000
  Druid's Fortress (The)-2001
  Hang On George-2002
  Jo Ann's Fancy-2001
  King Canute-2001
   British Collectables USA Exclusive 
  Fair-Well Cottage-2002
   The last David Winter Cottages produced by Enesco 
  Labyrinth (The)-2002

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